dealing with tax debt

3 Careless Ways to Deal With Tax Debt

When the IRS comes calling, it is a call that you have to answer. Unfortunately for many of us once we file our taxes it means that we’ll be indebted to the “man” and will have a bill to pay. Hopefully you saved enough money last year to be able to pay your debt off […]

tax information envelope

Get Extra Credit From The IRS

Did you know that you might qualify for extra credit from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)? If you paid qualified higher education for yourself, your spouse, or a dependent, you may be able to claim education credits. This graphic from the IRS explains more.

fiscal cliff deal

What the Fiscal Cliff Deal Means for You

Late Tuesday evening the House of Representatives came together to vote on the fiscal cliff deal; the deal passed with a 257-167 vote. Less than 24 hours before the House voted on the measure the Senate had approved the deal 89-8. Making a statement shortly after the deal was approved President Obama told the press, […]