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Reporting Settled and Forgiven Debt on a Tax Return

If you have a debt discharged through some form of settlement, that can often feel like a huge relief. However, there may be more to consider than just the face value of the forgiven debt. The IRS expects you to pay tax on the forgiven debt. That’s because the IRS considers most forgiven debt to […]

tax credits for college

Tax Credits Can Help Make College More Affordable

When many think of college, especially paying for it, the first thing that comes to mind is a loan. While student loans (both federal student loans and private loans, either secured or unsecured personal loans) are a way to help pay for tuition, they’re not the only form of financing. In addition to grants and […]

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Paying Payday Loans With Tax Refunds

Most everyone has had at least one point in their lives when money was needed fast. For a few, the reasons for this urgent need stem from some sort of unexpected event , like emergency home repair, car accident, or sudden illness. For others, it’s the money needed to cover every day living expenses like […]

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5 Smart Things To Do With Your Tax Return

It’s tax season again, so tax refunds are flowing and the urge to spend this money is rising. It can be easy to see a tax refund as a cash windfall that’s free to spend on things like a brand new wardrobe or expensive electronics. However, wasting the money from a tax refund is one […]

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Top 10 Tax Deductions You’re Missing

You could be leaving hundreds of dollars on the table when you file your tax return. From magazines to medical insurance premiums, little-known tax deductions could make tax day a happier one for your family this year. Did you know that you could deduct everything from transportation to a charity fundraiser to uninsured costs related […]