How to Protect Your Credit During a Hurricane

Natural disasters can also become financial disasters very quickly. When a hurricane is bearing down on you, going to work may not be possible. You may lose your home. Your employer may be out of business for a while. And local services may be offline and unavailable. While your top concern is obviously your safety, […]

a woman works on her budget

How Much Should I Spend? Easy Budget Tips

Budgeting is a pain. And who has the time? However, if money just slips through your hands, you need an easy budget system.  Fortunately, you can successfully manage money with little time or training. Easy budget (without budgeting) You don’t have to manually write down each and every item you buy. And budgeting doesn’t remove […]

A couple works on their budget while their children play in the background

Complete Guide: Set Up a Budget & Make Spending More Fun

There could be many reasons why you’re here, reading this. Perhaps you’re desperate and ducking calls from collection agencies. Maybe you have a new goal and need to save for something joyous: a baby, a wedding, your first home, or a new car. Or perhaps you’re facing a new challenge: sickness, fewer hours at work, […]

a man uses his savings to buy a new car and looks happy behind the wheel

Sinking Fund: Why It’s the Best Way to Save

Ever get that sinking feeling that you wish you’d saved up extra dollars to pay for a wish list purchase, overdue vacation, birthday present, or other special expense? It’s never too late to avoid such regrets and salt away money for a fun or needed goal. You simply need to set up a sinking fund. […]

How to Save a Down Payment for a House

When real estate prices rise faster than wages, it can be difficult to save up the down payment for a house. Especially if you’re also paying rent for your current one. And then there are closing costs, which you may have to pay in cash, borrow, or ask the seller to cover. Accelerate your savings […]