AmOne’s Take on “How To Plug Your Budget Leaks”

In today’s current economic environment, it’s extremely important to manage your personal finances wisely. It’s very easy to overspend and end up in debt without even realizing it. Many people start out every year with the admirable plan to set and follow a budget. A few weeks into the year, money starts to leak out, […]

AmOne’s Take on Breaking Financial Rules

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Be sure to start saving for college early. Always max out your 401K. Cut expenses and keep a 6-month cash emergency fund. Buy a car, don’t lease. Don’t give the government an interest free loan by having too much taken out in payroll taxes. Advice like this is everywhere. In fact, most of us can […]

How To: Save Money During Summer Vacation

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With the first official day of summer approaching and classes out of session, most people will be heading somewhere for vacation. While vacation can be a much needed break from work and equally needed time to spend with family and friends, it can also be stressful due to one thing: money. Going on vacation can […]

How To: Save Money On Vacation

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With the Memorial Day weekend around the corner and summer break approaching, now is a good time to figure out the best ways to save money for any out of town trips. Last year, American Express found that the total average for summer travel was $1,145 per person. With that sort of cost, it’s easy […]

5 Mobile Apps To Help Save You Money

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From tablets to smartphones, mobile devices and the applications we use on them have made our lives easier and much of our daily routine more convenient. Did you know that mobile apps can do more than provide entertainment or the fastest route to your friend’s house? Mobile apps can go a long way toward helping […]