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What Is A Bitcoin?

You may have first heard about Bitcoin sometime last year, when it was the subject of nearly every newspaper, magazine, and news broadcast. You may have heard of it due to a recent data breach of one of its exchanges, Mt. Gox, considered to the largest bitcoin exchange in the world, leading to another round […]

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Increasing Your Retirement Income

A recent report from the Deloitte Center for Financial Services (DCFS, a division of professional services company Deloitte) exposes just how bad the retirement landscape has become. People have lost confidence not only in saving for retirement, but in having professionals handle their retirement investments. Among the findings from the report: One in five people […]

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The Free Social Security Planning Tool You’re Not Using

We do everything online so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that now you can also plan for retirement online. mySocialSecurity is a government backed online account that can help you monitor and prepare for receiving social security benefits. The website lets you to check out your social security benefits online including your benefit verification […]

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Roth IRA and 401(k) Changes To Prepare For

With a new year come changes to many rules and regulations. If you’re still making end of the year plans, you might want to consider switching to a Roth IRA as it’s being touted as a smart end of year move. If you have an IRA and plan to switch it to a Roth, you’ll […]

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4 Retirement Savings Tips

Getting ready for retirement is not an easy process, in fact it usually takes a few decades for most people to be ready. Some people may start saving as soon as they begin working while others may wait to save until they have a more secure job and one that pays better. The Wall Street […]