student loan debt

Using Life Insurance To Cover Student Debt

It may sound grim, but it’s actually parents being cautious and pragmatic with their financial planning. With the sluggish economy and the enormity of student loan debt, parents are now taking out life insurance policies on their college age children for the ultimate “what if”. While painful to bear thinking about, having a life insurance […]

car insurance policy

Where Does Your State Rate On Car Insurance?

If you live in Louisiana, you’re in luck — sort of. It turns out that the Bayou State is number one in the nation…for the highest car insurance rates on the country. Michigan comes in second and Georgia is third in a recent state-by-state comparison of car insurance premiums. Who has the lowest car insurance […]

life insurance application

What is Permanent Life Insurance?

When it comes to choosing life insurance what you’re usually looking at is how much you’re paying each month. Once you’re older or start a family you’ll start to think more about what the policy is going to cover. Permanent life insurance is one of the options you might consider, but you have to know […]

umbrella over house

How to Save on Homeowner’s Insurance

Home owner’s insurance is something you have to have, or at least, that you should have. However, just because it’s something you need doesn’t mean it should be something that eats up half your paycheck. Yahoo! made note of some ways to try to control your insurance costs and we’re here to explain why these […]