stop identity theft

How To: Basic Identity Theft Protection In Five Minutes

Did you know that Data Privacy Day is today, January 28th? As a Data Privacy Day Champion, AmOne has five simple ways you can help to protect yourself from identity theft and keep your personal information safe. According to Javelin Strategy and Research, identity fraud happens every three seconds. With just five minutes of your […]

online shopping

5 Tech Tips For Secure Online Shopping

There is no denying that the holiday season is one of the most popular times to shop online, but how much risk is really involved? The answer is no such thing as completely secure online shopping. Every time you offer up your credit card information online you are putting your trust in the technology that […]

Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday and Identity Theft

If you didn’t take part in Black Friday, standing in lines that started forming on Thanksgiving this year, or even Small Business Saturday or any shopping on Sunday, you might find yourself tempted with the ease (and the discounts) that come with Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday isn’t a holiday. It’s a fairly recent (coined in […]

data breach methods

The Biggest Security Risk For Business

It’s tempting to think that the main threats to the safety of your business data are computer viruses, website security, and emails pretending to be from your bank. Even with anti-virus protection and firewalls in place, and testing of your website for vulnerabilities, all of these measures can fail in the face of the biggest […]

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Password 1-2-3s

Independent research firm Javelin Strategy & Research reported that identity fraud increased by 13 percent in 2011. In the United States, over eight million adults were victims of having their identity stolen and their personally identifiable information used against them. These numbers are only growing as thieves and scam artists become more and more sophisticated […]