group of college graduates

Financial Advice for College Graduates

After you graduate you’re biggest hurdle is finding a job that will get your career going. About 6 months down the line you’re likely to get a notice in the mail about your student loans. That’s right, the vacation is over and you now have to start repaying all the money you borrowed. First off, […]

family on beach vacation

How to Vacation on a Budget

When it comes to taking a vacation, you’re usually not thinking about how little it’s going to cost. Vacations are expensive and if you have a family they’re even more expensive. We’ve given you some ideas for a staycation, but if you’re really in need of getting out of dodge just for a few days […]

spending money on valentine

The Real Cost of Valentine’s Day

Although Valentine’s Day may not be the most popular holiday out there, it is definitely one we all spend money on. Whether it is on treating yourself or your partner, Americans are spending billions on this day of love. Sometimes a homemade gift or video is the best way to show your love and still […]

Happy 30th Birthday

Financial Lessons You Should Know by Age 30

By the time you hit 30 you think you’re going to have it all figured out, granted that’s also what you said about 20 and 25. The older we get the more likely you are to believe that you’ll have it figured out by your next milestone birthday, but the truth hurts and its time […]

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7 Ways to Stop Overspending in 2013

Now is the time to start working on a new budget which means figuring out where you can cut costs. Are you looking to enroll in a credit counseling program and need to know how much you can afford, or just looking to save more for retirement? Budget your money and you will be on […]