Should I Take Out a Holiday Loan?

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Santa’s making a list, he’s checking it twice, to see if you’ve been naughty or nice…but he’s not bringing you a check to pay for this very expensive time of year. When it comes to deciding whether to skimp and save versus taking out a holiday loan and pay the money back later, that decision is […]

AmOne’s Take on “How To Plug Your Budget Leaks”

In today’s current economic environment, it’s extremely important to manage your personal finances wisely. It’s very easy to overspend and end up in debt without even realizing it. Many people start out every year with the admirable plan to set and follow a budget. A few weeks into the year, money starts to leak out, […]

AmOne’s Take on Breaking Financial Rules

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Be sure to start saving for college early. Always max out your 401K. Cut expenses and keep a 6-month cash emergency fund. Buy a car, don’t lease. Don’t give the government an interest free loan by having too much taken out in payroll taxes. Advice like this is everywhere. In fact, most of us can […]

5 Ways To Save Money In February

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While Valentine’s Day has come and gone, you can still put the holiday to good use. Many retailers will be looking to relieve themselves of their pink and red heart-themed inventory, so you can save money now by purchasing items. While it’s not a good idea to buy candy to give to someone next year, […]

Surprising Statistics On Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping

How much did you plan to spend this Christmas? Was it more or less than last year, or the year before? There’s good reason to think it through; the Great Recession has permanently altered the way Americans think about money. Where taking on debt was once considered a mark of true adulthood, people are shying […]