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Why Having a Bank Account is Important

When it comes to choosing a bank account more options have become available to the public. Large banks still rule the scene but many people have moved on to using credit unions and online banks for their banking needs. According to a survey by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), many people have also decided […]

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How To: Balance Your Checkbook

One the simplest things you can do to balance your budget, is often one of the most overlooked. Take a second to ask yourself, when was the last time I balanced my checkbook? Although online banking has made this an easier task many people are still finding they are overspending. Some people use debit cards […]

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Beware of Rising Bank Fees

If you’re looking to save money you’ve already learned to ditch your daily coffee run, use public transportation and a slew of other tips. What about smarter banking? Bank fees are common, but now it seems the fees your bank could be charging you are on the rise. This includes the minimum amount needed to […]