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4 Ridiculous Fees Your Bank Might Be Charging You

With paperless statements becoming the way to go, looking over your bank statement isn’t a priority. It isn’t until you read on the news that your bank has decided to change their fees or is being bought out by another big bank that you think twice about it. By now your bank could be charging […]

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Quick and Easy Ways to Start a Savings Plan

You’ve heard the saying “saving for a rainy day” plenty of times but sadly that rainy day is actually the vacation we decided to take a few months ago or when you went over your weekly budget. Our rainy day savings funds are meant to cover emergencies but these days it’s hard to build one […]

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Federal Regulators Reach $8.5B Foreclosure Settlement With Banks

Monday, the Federal Reserve and the OCC reached a $8.5B foreclosure settlement with ten banks. Here’s more breaking news on the banking front: today an agreement on foreclosure abuses was reached with ten financial institutions. Federal regulators came to terms with large banks such as Citigroup and Bank of America in a pact worth 8.5 […]

Fannie Mae headquarters

Bank of America Settles With Fannie Mae For $10.3 Billion

It’s a manic Monday for the banking industry. Today, Bank of America announced that its signed a mortgage settlement with Fannie Mae worth $10.3 billion. The size of the settlement is said to be one that will essentially erase the majority of Bank of America’s fourth quarter earnings. The mortgage settlement with Fannie Mae is […]

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Big Banks Donating Millions to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

According to various sources superstorm Sandy caused up to $10 billion worth of property damage. The number doesn’t include how much citizens have lost in food, wages, and uninsured damages. Before the storm many banks were waiving fees for customers and some have continued to give back to those affected by hurricane Sandy. Citibank has […]