Young couple sits in front of computer while paying their bills online

Reporting Settled and Forgiven Debt on a Tax Return

If you have a debt discharged through some form of settlement, that can often feel like a huge relief. However, there may be more to consider than just the face value of the forgiven debt. The IRS expects you to pay tax on the forgiven debt. That’s because the IRS considers most forgiven debt to […]

A woman works on her budget to curb her overspending

Are You Overspending? Here’s How to Stop

If you’re considering a personal loan, chances are you’ve found yourself in a financial bind. How did you get there? Overspending can be a stealthy problem, creeping up on you over months and years until you find yourself with more money going out than money coming in. The results can be financially devastating. Though getting […]

A young couple looks at their finances and discusses a family budget

How Much Should I Spend? Easy Budget Tips

Budgeting is a pain. And who has the time? However, if money just slips through your hands, you need an easy budget system.  Fortunately, you can successfully manage money with little time or training. Easy budget (without budgeting) You don’t have to manually write down each and every item you buy. And budgeting doesn’t remove […]

Retired couple paying bills with laptop Survey: Consumers Reveal Their Biggest Financial Fear

Is your greatest financial worry being able to buy a home? Retire comfortably? Deal with debt? How confident are you about overcoming your fear and solving the problem? Chances are that whatever your biggest financial fear is, you’re not alone. Read on to see how you stack up with other consumers. And review possible solutions […]

My Biggest Spending Mistake: AmOne Survey Results

Life sometimes comes with regrets. And often, it’s buyer’s remorse that sticks out: the shame, frustration or distress felt after purchasing something you wish you hadn’t. Recently, AmOne asked consumers, “What’s your biggest spending mistake?” New research suggests that many people rue the day they forked over major funds for big and small items alike. […]