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Debt Relief Frequently Asked Questions


Debt relief sounds great. Who wouldn’t want relief from debt? But if you’re in deep debt and are having trouble making ends meet, debt relief isn’t a want. It’s a need. Get answers to your most pressing debt relief questions and learn how to get help. Who Qualifies for a Debt Relief Program? Who qualifies […]

A stressed out couple sits at their computer and discusses their debts.

How Can I Get My Debt Payments Down?


Debt can pile up on you, and when it does it can feel overwhelming. But you can get your debt payments down. If you are struggling to keep up with debt payments or find yourself falling behind here are some specific ways that you can reduce debt and get your payments under control. Use Your […]

A woman looks at a computer while holding a credit card and talking on the phone.

Installment Loans vs. Revolving Debt: What’s the Difference?

Having access to credit can serve some important purposes, including creating liquidity and helping you to improve your credit score. Not only can responsibly using your debt help to boost your score, but the type of debt you use also plays an important role. Installment loans and revolving debt are the two primary categories of […]

A business owner pays her bills online and considers a debt consolidation loan

Debt Consolidation Loans vs. Personal Loans: What’s the Difference?


For those consolidating debt, a loan can be a good way to save money while also creating a predictable repayment schedule. These loans can be used to pay off high-interest credit cards and reduce the number of payments you need to make each month. But do you need a debt consolidation loan or a personal […]

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Watch Out for These Debt Consolidation Missteps

If you’re struggling with debt, know that you’re not alone. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Center for Microeconomic Data recently revealed that household debt in the U.S. increased $286 billion during the third quarter of 2021 (up to 15.24 trillion total). You’ve probably thought about debt consolidation and whether it’s a good solution. […]