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Consumer Debt Continues to Decline

In the third quarter of 2012, consumer debt fell to just under $11 trillion. While the number is still large, it does still show a continued decrease over the past year. Current debt is 2.26 percent lower than it was in 2011 during the same quarter. To mark the difference, total debt is down by […]

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3 Other Ways to Celebrate Post-Thanksgiving

Although Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of thanks many retailers have kicked tradition to the curb and will open their doors at midnight on Thanksgiving night. Depending on who you talk to, people are either excited or outraged about the changes. No matter if you’re participating in the shopping extravaganza or not you […]

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How to Get Rid of Debt

When it comes to getting rid of debt most people believe that making enough money will be their ticket to freedom. Unfortunately, and as many of you know, money doesn’t grow on trees and unless you win the lottery you’re stuck paying off your debt the old fashioned way. If you have assessed your debt, […]

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3 Simple Ways to Start Repairing Your Credit

Credit score repair is important to many people for many different reasons. Maybe you’re looking to buy a new home, open up a small business, or are tired of high interest rate credit cards. Learning how to repair your credit can help consumers who are looking for financial freedom. The reality is that credit score […]

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What Is Debt Settlement?

You can erase your debt through debt settlement, but is that the right option for you?[/caption] While it’s possible for you to use professional debt settlement company methods for your financial situation, you may find that knowing which method to apply is more complicated than you initially thought. For example, if you were to contact […]