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Do You Know If Poor Credit Is Costing You Work?

Under current regulations, employers aren’t allowed to run credit checks without an applicant’s permission. But what happens if you have debt or negative items in your credit history? While employers can’t see your credit score, they can see debts, payment history and bankruptcies. This gives you another good reason to check your credit report. If […]

good will letter

What’s a Goodwill Letter and How Can it Help You?

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” – Alexander Pope We all make mistakes and sometimes they are financial mistakes. Late payments, forgetting you owe a company money, or going through periods of unemployment can all lead to marks on your credit report. If the tide has changed or you’ve learned the error of your […]

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Singles Seeking Partners With Good Credit

Picture yourself on a romantic date with your dream man or woman; now picture them asking you what your credit score is. Do you cringe and fidget trying to find a way out of answering the question or do you proudly boast that your score is near perfect? This is the situation many singles are […]

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How to Avoid Credit Repair Scams

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the credit repair advertisements online and on TV for services that are guaranteed. Get your credit repaired for cheap, wipe out all your negative files forever, and many other wild claims might easily grab your attention. Unfortunately this is just one of the tactics used by credit repair […]

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New Bureau Could Help You Fix Your Credit

Fixing errors on your credit report is one of ways you can repair your credit and raise your credit score. Many people use credit repair services and some may try to fix errors on their credit report by directly contacting the companies who they believe made false claims on their report. Now there is someone […]