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Surprising News About Your Credit Score

Some unexpected news came in today from FICO, the company whose name is synonymous with your credit. What was the news? That the financial crisis, the recession, the housing bust, and the foreclosures and layoffs we’ve been feeling these past few years have done almost nothing to country’s credit scores. According to information released last […]

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Identity Theft: How It Can Happen and What to Do

Nine million. That’s how many people the Federal Trade Commission estimates as having their identities stolen each year. Nine million Americans who have gone through the misery of someone else using their credit and their name. With those numbers, it’s likely that you or someone you know may have experienced some form of identity theft. […]

Take the Free Credit IQ Test

Find out how much you know about managing your money (credit) by taking the Free AmOne Credit Knowledge Test. Answer each question with the response that best describes you. Try not to think too much into the question as your first response is typically closer to how you normally act (even knowing that you may […]