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Using Your Credit Card For A Cause

We’ve become used to getting cash back, airline miles, hotel points, and other such perks when using our credit cards. Card providers have made it easy for us to be able to accumulate rewards for using their products and services. While getting these extras help save us money, there are credit cards that do more […]

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Identify Credit Report Mistakes

What’s the best way to find out if you have errors on your credit report? Checking it. To make sure your credit scores are where you need them to be to get lower interest rates on thing like mortgages, auto loans, and even for credit checks performed by landlords and potential employers, you should review […]

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Do You Know If Poor Credit Is Costing You Work?

Under current regulations, employers aren’t allowed to run credit checks without an applicant’s permission. But what happens if you have debt or negative items in your credit history? While employers can’t see your credit score, they can see debts, payment history and bankruptcies. This gives you another good reason to check your credit report. If […]

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Prepare Your Credit For a Mortgage Loan

While you still have time to start planning your New Year’s resolutions, it’s a possibility that you’re already thinking about what 2013 will bring. Traditionally everyone wants to shed some pounds, save more money, or maybe start a new job. If you’re looking for a big change, you might be considering buying a home. There […]

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How to Get a High Credit Score

When it comes to credit scores many assumptions can be made about those with high or low scores. The average American credit score is in the 700 range and about 18 percent of Americans had a score over 800 in 2011. Who exactly are these folks whose FICO credit scores are near perfect range and […]