How to Build Your Credit

While paying for everything with cash or debit cards is doable if you have the funds, establishing credit is important when it comes to future purchases that you won’t be able to pay using cash. It is important to establish a credit history for a variety of reasons: If you need a loan at some […]

What Five Factors Make Up Your FICO Credit Score?

When it comes to credit scores, the FICO score is the model used by the majority of banks and by those that grant credit. The score range for FICO is from 300 to 850, with a higher the score, the better. A consumer has three FICO scores, with one coming from each credit report provided […]

How To: Maintain Your Credit Score

credit risk Scrabble tiles

Whether you’re working to improve your credit score or are looking for ways to maintain it, you might be making some easy-to-miss mistakes. The good news is that by knowing what affects your credit score and how, you can avoid negatively affecting your credit. Even though most credit scoring models — such as the ones […]

How To: Understanding Your Credit

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A recent survey conducted by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), a non-profit consumer organization, shows that almost half of American adults don’t know how their credit scores are determined. The survey results go beyond a lack of knowledge. Forty percent of those who took part in the survey also believed incorrect information, such as […]

Using Your Credit Card For A Cause

Bank rewards credit cards.

We’ve become used to getting cash back, airline miles, hotel points, and other such perks when using our credit cards. Card providers have made it easy for us to be able to accumulate rewards for using their products and services. While getting these extras help save us money, there are credit cards that do more […]