A man and woman look at a computer to check their credit score

What is Credit Mix? Get to Know Your Credit Score

When opening a credit account, most people don’t think about its overall impact on their credit score. However, the types of credit accounts you have are one of the primary factors that determine credit scores and may be a factor when qualifying for financing. Let’s look at credit mix, what types of accounts it contains, […]

A woman uses her computer to find a personal loan

How to Get a Credit Builder Loan

If you hope to get approved for loans and credit cards, a good credit score is important. It can also help you land low rates and favorable terms. But what if you have little or no credit history? That’s where a credit builder loan comes in. It can help you establish credit and save some […]

closeup of a woman's hands using her computer and a calculator to compute credit utilization

What Is Credit Utilization?

Credit scores are important, especially when qualifying for a mortgage or getting approved for a loan or credit card. Several factors help determine your credit score, and few play a bigger role than your credit utilization ratio, accounting for 30% of your score. Let’s take a closer look at credit utilization, hows its calculated, and […]

A man smiles as he hugs his new car after getting an auto loan

What Is Creditworthiness?

You may have heard the term creditworthiness if you’ve ever applied for a loan or credit card. Creditworthiness is one of the most important financial terms and can an important role in whether you’re approved or denied for a loan or other financing. If you’re thinking about applying for a loan or credit card soon, […]

A woman with a concerned expression looks at her credit report

Credit Score vs. Credit Report: Are They Different?

You often hear about how important your “credit” is. But what are people referring to when they talk about your credit? In some cases, it might be your credit score, while in others, it could mean your credit report. So, what’s the difference between these two? Your credit report is an extensive history of your […]