credit card fraud

Never Again: Why Credit Card Fraud Keeps Happening to You

You’ve had your credit card compromised in the past. Fortunately, all fraudulent charges were reversed, and the issuer sent you a new card. But now you’ve experienced credit card fraud again, despite still having your card in hand. You ask yourself: Why does this keep happening? What do I do now? And how can I prevent credit card fraud in the future as well as identity theft?

can you start a business with a credit card

Can You Start Your Business With a Credit Card?

Can you start your business with a credit card? The answer is yes and there are reasons why owners should get such cards when starting a business. At the same time – as with all credit products – there are also cautions to consider.

cancel credit card

Will it Hurt Your FICO Score if You Cancel a Credit card?

Looked through your wallet or purse lately? Chances are you’ve got a lot of plastic in there — the kind produced by VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and various big box retail stores. Having all those charge cards in your pocket can create a lot of temptation to use them. That begs a question: Should you cancel a credit card or two?