a teacher helps a student with reading

Back to School Costs: 1/3 of Parents Spend More Than $500

Back to school costs include much more than number 2 pencils and notebooks. Sports, activities, and technology add up. A new survey by AmOne.com shows that 32% of parents who spend for back to school will pay more than $500 for back to school costs. And that doesn’t include private school tuition. Here’s where the […]

a man works on his computer to fix his credit after identity theft

How to Repair Your Credit After Identity Theft

Identity theft is a problem that none of us can afford to ignore any longer. Consider that identity theft currently affects around 60 million Americans, according to a Harris Poll survey. And there was a 126% increase in exposed consumer data between 2017 and 2018, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. Identity theft can […]

Plastic Surgery Loans: Explore Options to Save Money

Cosmetic surgery is big business in the U.S., and most procedures aren’t cheap. If you don’t want to put off your procedure until you can save up the entire balance due, you may be able to finance it. There are several options when paying for plastic surgery: Credit cards Plastic surgery loans from your doctor […]