Personal Loans vs. Balance Transfer Cards: Which is Best?

You’ve run up thousands of dollars of debt on your credit cards. And you’re tired of watching this debt grow each month. You’ve made a commitment to pay it off. So it’s time to consider personal loans vs. balance transfer cards for debt consolidation. Personal loans vs balance transfer cards You have two popular options […]

Retired couple paying bills with laptop Survey: Consumers Reveal Their Biggest Financial Fear

Is your greatest financial worry being able to buy a home? Retire comfortably? Deal with debt? How confident are you about overcoming your fear and solving the problem? Chances are that whatever your biggest financial fear is, you’re not alone. Read on to see how you stack up with other consumers. And review possible solutions […]

How to Raise Your FICO Score by 100 Points Fast

Even raising your credit score by 20 points can make a difference in what you pay for many kinds of financing. And raising your credit score 100 points could save you as much in interest as you’d earn with a second job. Find out here how to quickly achieve a 100 point increase in your […]

a couple looks at their finances to decide

Save Money or Pay off Debt? What’s More Important?

Should you save money or pay off debt? For total financial health, you want to carry little debt and have savings for emergencies and retirement. But few of us get off to a perfect start. If you’re looking at a pile of debt and no savings, which problem should you tackle first? The answer depends […]