How Veterans Benefit Small Businesses

Veterans Day 2012 Kabul

Veterans benefit the country in a number of ways: from their duty to our country, to relief missions in disaster stricken areas home and abroad, to being a vital part of our economy, veterans provide us with a precious national resource. Beyond their military service, veterans help the nation to grow economically in creating new […]

Online Ad Fraud Costs Everyone

There are allegedly up to 500 big ghost sites that offer advertising inventory to real-time bidding ad exchanges.

Adweek’s Mike Shield’s has dropped another of his must-read stories on fraud in the online ad business. Today he alleges that there are up to 500 big “ghost sites” that offer ad inventory to …

Innovation Lessons From Entrepreneurs

The winner of The Wall Street Journal's small-business innovation competition thrived during the downturn by finding a new direction — and new markets

The Wall Street Journal’s recent honoring of small businesses and entrepreneurs brought up some ideas that any start-up or small business owner can implement. You don’t need to be an honoree in order to adopt the innovation techniques used by the winners’ companies, especially in the economic downturn. Many of the ideals that can be […]

Healthcare Reform Confusing For Small Businesses

Recent surveys show that entrepreneurs are struggling to understand how they need to prepare for Obamacare.

It turns out that when it comes to the Affordable Care Act (or, as it’s also referred to, Obamacare), small businesses are having a tough time figure out what they need to do. According to a survey conducted by the eHealth Insurance exchange, more than half of small business owners don’t understand what the “employee […]

What You Need To Know About Your Company Credit Card

Charging your plane ticket and hotel on a company card has big shot appeal, but know that it's a perk with responsibilities and maybe personal credit risk.

If you’re in business, especially working in sales, you’re probably very familiar with a company credit card and expense account. It can be easy, even tempting, to use the card for any business expense. It’s best to remember that, in addition to your employer reviewing those purchases, other people might be taking a look as […]