Debt vs. Equity Financing for your Business

In order for a business to grow, business owners must tap into various financial resources.  These resources are typically broken down into two categories, debt and equity.  In this blog article we will compare the two. Debt Financing Debt financing involves taking out a loan from a bank, a financial institution, or possibly a friend/family […]

Should I Get An Unsecured Small Business Loan?

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If you have been in business for two years or more and have established a good business credit profile, an unsecured small business loan may be a good option for you. An unsecured small business loan allows you to take out a loan without having to put up any personal or business collateral. One way […]

Why Shop Small On Small Business Saturday

Shop Small

What does it mean to “Shop Small” and why should you shop small on Small Business Saturday? What is Small Business Saturday? Shop Small started in November 2010 not as a grassroots initiative, but as a promotional campaign from American Express. The reward for consumers taking part in Small Business Saturday is a credit for […]

How Veterans Benefit Small Businesses

Veterans Day 2012 Kabul

Veterans benefit the country in a number of ways: from their duty to our country, to relief missions in disaster stricken areas home and abroad, to being a vital part of our economy, veterans provide us with a precious national resource. Beyond their military service, veterans help the nation to grow economically in creating new […]