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Business Travel on a Budget

No matter if you only plan on traveling twice a year or twice a month you need to know how to do so on a budget.
three business travelers
By Christie Petersen
Updated on: November 10th, 2022

three business travelers Traveling for pleasure is the norm for most of us, but for others traveling for business is something you might do rather frequently. Some people might even travel more for work then they do for an actual vacation. More and more business conferences are popping up around the nation which is a great way for small businesses, and big businesses, to network. The growth of business conferences also means more business travel.

No matter if you only plan on traveling twice a year or twice a month you probably need to figure out how to do so on a budget.

  • Always read the fine print, hotels and airlines might have additional fees you don’t notice until you complete your transaction. Sometimes the sticker price isn’t the real price.
  • Look for business-friendly hotels. Some cities are a hub for business travel so many hotels know that their clientele are looking for places with free breakfast, access to Wi-Fi, or a good business center. We also recommend that if you’re attending a conference you look into any potential discounts nearby hotels might be offering attendees.
  • Get a mileage business card. If you’re in the market for a new credit card, or business card, try getting one that offers travel rewards.
  • Use your wi-fi wisely. Connect with your family and friends using Skype, stay connected with work duties back home, and you could even relax and watch TV shows you would normally watch. Your wi-fi can help you stay connected with everyone and be a good source of free entertainment.

USA Today has other budget friendly travel suggestions as well. One thing they didn’t note was to also look for rental car and hotel rewards programs. Companies like Enterprise and Marriott offer rewards programs that can help you get discounts, free upgrades, and more just by signing up and using your rewards number each time you book. If you travel often rewards programs are an easy way to make the process more budget-friendly.