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Breaking Down the Benjamins: Here’s The New $100 Bill

The hundred dollar note has been redesigned. What are the new security features and more importantly, how does it look? AmOne breaks down the new Benjamin.
new hundred dollar bill
By AmOne
Updated on: November 10th, 2022

new hundred dollar bill It’s taken a decade’s worth of research and development, but it’s almost here. Tomorrow is the scheduled debut of the redesigned United States hundred dollar bill. How does the latest version of “Benjamin” stack up with the previous designs?

While the design itself was announced three years ago, the anti-counterfeit measures have taken ten years to develop.

Among the new security features are:

  • A three-dimensional blue ribbon on the front of the hundred dollar bill;
  • Color-changing ink (it turns from copper to green);
  • As well as the addition of large, gold number “100” on the front and back of the note.

There’s also a bell in the inkwell shown pictured on the front of the bill and watermark with another portrait of statesman Benjamin Franklin to the right of the official portrait.

The government resource website has all of the details on the features of the new bill. Below is a video courtesy of explaining the changes in full.