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5 Ways To Save Money In February

These 5 ways to save money in February will help you save money while still enjoying the month. Check out these cost saving ideas on the AmOne Blog today!
save money in February
By AmOne
Updated on: November 10th, 2022

save money in February While Valentine’s Day has come and gone, you can still put the holiday to good use. Many retailers will be looking to relieve themselves of their pink and red heart-themed inventory, so you can save money now by purchasing items.

While it’s not a good idea to buy candy to give to someone next year, you can use the candy for an upcoming event like a birthday party or themed baby or bridal shower.

Also, you can purchase stuffed animals and decorations to use for next year or — if the teddy bear or other plush toy doesn’t bear the words “Valentine’s Day” — you can use them as gifts for kids of all ages.

With today’s Presidents’ Day sales, you can find cost savings up to to 85 percent off on a variety of items ranging from bed sets to electronics. If you’re working and unable to make it to the store, don’t worry. Some of the best deals are found online. In fact, many retailers are offering steeper online discounts than for Black Friday sales.

The cost savings don’t stop with finding new uses for Valentine’s Day merchandise or taking advantage of Presidents’ Day. Since tax season is in full swing, you can find deals for up to 30 to 35 percent off tax software. Even better, if you qualify, you can use brand name tax preparation software for free courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and its FreeFile service.

Depending on when you buy, you can also save money with sales and discounts for the clearance of older electronics like gaming consoles. Microsoft®’s popular Xbox 360® console is soon to be replaced by their new Xbox One, and Sony® is releasing their PlayStation® 4, which replaces the older PlayStation 3 model. As the news technology is available on pre-order, the existing consoles and compatible games can be found at lower and lower prices as the newer models reach the stores.

If you’re in the market for a new mobile device, hold off on any purchase until after the Mobile World Congress. This event is the world’s largest exposition and exhibition for the entire mobile industry. The Mobile World Congress is the time that mobile phone makers announce their latest devices. If you wait until after the announcements, you’ll start to find sales on a variety of mobile phone models, many of which were considered brand new until the expo. This year, the Mobile World Congress is held at the end of February, so discounts and deals may start appearing as early as the first weeks of March.

By timing things and keeping an eye on the news, especially where technology is concerned, and thinking creatively, there are many ways you can save money on gifts and more this month.